About the Author

Pam Grear. a Columbus Ohio Author and Motivational Speaker, first served as the President and Corporate Executive Officer of the Foster Corporation, a wholesale distributor of clothing, footwear, textiles, safety products and equipment. The Foster Corporation was established in 1986 with a focus on the institutional and private business marketplace.

The Foster Corporation launched its own branded product into the retail consumer market, the Swan Shield, a personal protective kit. The Swan Shield was developed for the purpose of assisting with the environmental and safety concerns of today.

After major changes in the marketplace Pam closed down the successful Foster Corporation to strike out into new ventures of discovery, helping others and trying her hand as an author. She felt she had stories to share based on her work and business experiences.

Pam’s first book was Future Champs, a children’s book. She had a basic belief there was no greater gift from God to this world more than a child. After working in children’s care with Columbus Ohio’s Youth Services she came to understand that children not given the proper upbringing and care stood a good chance to fail and end up in the very institution she worked in a served through her business.

For this reason she established the Future Champs organization with a purpose of promoting well-being of children everywhere…even those unfortunate to end up institutionalized.

Based on her life experiences and the story she shared in Future Champs, Pam was inspired to become a motivational speaker using her abilities to offer her thoughts and experiences to Youth Groups, Entrepreneurs, Organizations and Churches.

Her motivational speaking then led to her second book, The F-abet Seeds – 25 words that keep you strong through all of life’s storms. The book based on 25 words all beginning with the letter “F”, each word gives assistance to daily living to achieve positive thinking and affirmations. It gives a thought provoking concept to each word that becomes truly fitting for any daily life situation.

Currently Pam is busy helping out raising a granddaughter, looking for new experiences helping others and helping the Columbus community by creating Community Threads Incorporated Community Arts & Events Complex a building that will be used to help organizations, individuals and businesses promote themselves in the community. You can visit Community Threads by clicking this link: Community Threads Incorporated Community Arts & Events Complex

Pam loves to meet new people, so she also decided to become an Uber driver for the experiences. Those experiences bring her more than the money an Uber driver makes; it is leading to a new book of stories based on chatting with her passengers. That book, currently unnamed is about completed and is expected to be released sometime in late 2016. You can be sure it will be fun, thought provoking and inspiring.